The History of CCI

Some may know us as being a cabling contractor, others know us for our electrical installation; however, for several years, we have been adding services and training our staff to provide our customers with many more options in our industries.

Entrepreneur Tony Lee, started CCI OF ARKANSAS in his home in North Little Rock back in 1995. And after a few short years when neighbors complained of the excess vehicles near their homes, Mr. Lee knew it was time to move and set up shop at 8220 MacArthur Drive, also in North Little Rock.

Since moving into the current location, there have been many changes and space and staffing needs have grown. Within the last year plans to again move operations to handle current needs and future growth are in the works.

Although Tony Lee has been a master electrician since the 1970’s, he didn’t start CCI with the intention of doing electrical work at all, but to master the communications cabling industry that was so needed in the Little Rock and surrounding areas. Soon enough, he decided to get back into what brought him here in the first place, and started assembling an electrical division at CCI.

Now a-days, for both divisions, CCI can provide anything from small service calls to large construction project completions. Although CCI has grown over the years, we still strive continuously to provide customer service and quality installations beyond our competitors abilities. We invite you to visit our portfolio page to view some of CCI’s projects.

For all the customers that have supported us in the past, we extend our appreciation and look forward to continued service. We also welcome new customers and look forward to servicing their electrical and communications needs as well.

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